Run, Donald, Run! Wargaming the Trump Indictment
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In the wake of his indictment, if he truly wishes to do what is best for the Historic American Nation, President Trump has two options. Surrendering himself to the New York authorities is not one of them.

Undoubtedly, the President (I do believe Donald Trump is indeed the legitimate president of the United States) is surrounded by people advising him that peacefully submitting to the black, Soros-installed Chekist Alvin Bragg is the “right” thing to do.

It isn’t.

For better or for worse (probably worse), President Trump is the avatar of White America. If he turns himself in, as by all accounts he intends to, he legitimizes the illegitimate. He sends the forgotten, persecuted people of this occupied nation the message that it is our duty to abide by whatever Bolshevik nightmare the Regime has in store for us—up to and including the mass grave.

President Trump has a real opportunity here, the likes of which he has not had since January 6th and which he will never have again. By doing one of two things, he can cross the Rubicon and force a confrontation between the American Nation and the Weimerikan State. He can go down in history as the man who lit the spark that eventually set us free.

  • First, he can stay in Florida and rely on Governor DeSantis to follow through on the word he has now publicly given, promising not to cooperate with any extradition requests.

If DeSantis does this, the occupation regime in D.C. will probably send in Federal stormtroopers. If DeSantis reacts in kind by activating Florida’s own forces to expel the Federal incursion, a constitutional crisis may result. Given the right chain of events, we could see Red State Secession.

Unfortunately, however, this option is almost entirely dependent on the actions of Ron DeSantis; arguably, his own political fortunes may depend on whether or not he protects President Trump, but DeSantis is unreliable and beholden to the neoconservatives who constitute his primary supporters in the Republican Party. While a sheriff would also have the authority to refuse to extradite Trump, the President’s primary residence lies in Palm Beach County, with a Democrat incumbent. In any case, a sheriff would still need the resources of the Governor for a case like this.

  • Second, President Trump could do what I suggested he do after the 2020 election was stolen from him: flee to a friendly third country, such as Russia, and declare an American government-in-exile.

As the rightful and duly elected leader of the United States, Trump’s government-in-exile would likely receive international recognition from the emerging coalition of nations (Russia, China, India, Brazil, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and essentially the entire world aside from NATO-occupied Europe) which are de-dollarizing their economies and forging a new, multipolar global order of mutual peace—one in which the lunatic D.C. government will play no part.

As the United States continues to descend in its death spiral into Hell, with toxic chemical spills, demonic transgender violence, child genital mutilation, and an unhinged foreign policy bent on a two-front world war with Russia and China, it will eventually collapse. A Trump government-in-exile would be perfectly poised to step in and take the reins when that happens.

My advice: President Trump should get out of the country and get to Russia before he’s martyred.


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