Sailer In TakiMag: White Death and Black Privilege
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:
Living Large No Longer

by Steve Sailer

Just as the 21st century has witnessed the paradox of the rhetoric of white privilege and the reality of white death, we’ve also seen increasing black privilege, but with the benefits flowing mostly to the whitest of blacks. The ongoing flight from white helps those blacks who are almost but not quite white, such as former national security adviser Susan Rice and her affirmative-action-eligible children.

White elites are happy to promote black privilege because they don’t see many American blacks as being anything other than token competition for their children at getting the really good jobs. …

African-American culture is spectacularly successful at producing sports and entertainment celebrities, but depressingly dysfunctional at uplifting the black masses and making them competitive. Therefore, despite growing demand for African-Americans to fill set-aside jobs, ever fewer typical black Americans are up to the minimum demands of analytical jobs.

Thus, the roles as spokesmodels for African-Americans are increasingly being filled by an odd assortment of immigrants and Americans with at least one white parent.

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