Steve Sailer's Review Of Mohsin Hamid's THE LAST WHITE MAN
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Ever since I blogged about the acclaim for the new novel The Last White Man by Mohsin Hamid earlier this month, it has been getting a lot of comment on line from the Right. But it doesn’t look like many have actually read it, so I read it. And here’s my review:

Pigment of Your Imagination
Steve Sailer

August 17, 2022

As antiwhite racism has become more respectable, use of the word “whiteness,” which is increasingly employed as an ethnic slur, has sextupled in frequency in books published in America since the first era of political correctness began in the late 1980s.

While calls to “Abolish the White Race” may sound alarmingly genocidal, advocates of defaming, deconstructing, dismantling, and destroying the white race, on the rare occasions when challenged, tend to respond that they don’t mean doing violence to the white race, which, science has proven, doesn’t exist biologically, just to “whiteness,” which is totally different from white people (who don’t exist).

In the current mindset, “whiteness” represents everything you deserve to resent about white people—their home equity, their accomplished ancestors, their fair skin, their silky hair, their genes, and all those other social constructs. But you shouldn’t be accused of exactly hating white human beings themselves (who, as Ta-Nahisi Coates would always point out, are really only “people who think they are white”), just their whiteness.

Yes, I know that doesn’t seem to make much sense, but that just proves how you didn’t go to grad school.

This summer, a prominent literary novelist born in Pakistan, Mohsin Hamid, has published a much-acclaimed fantasy looking forward to the (almost completely nonviolent) extinction of the white race, The Last White Man, that exemplifies antiwhiteness at its least hate-filled.

Read the whole thing there.

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