The Real Menace In Ireland: “Misgendering”! Not the 4,000 Illegals Who Disappeared After Deportation Orders
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Irishmen who protest the illegal-alien invasion and colonization of their cities and towns don’t understand the real danger. It isn’t that almost 4,000 illegals with deportation orders have disappeared, or that 40 percent of “migrants” toss away their passports the minute they set foot on the Emerald Isle. Rather, the real public menace is “misgendering.” 

Ireland’s National Police and Security Service—An Garda Síochána—has promulgated a “strict compliance” policy—“Gender Identity in the Workplace”—to ensure that gardai use “correct” pronouns. “Misgendering”—leftist code for living in fantasy world of trannies and other sexual misfits—will not be tolerated.

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Wrote Gary Kavanagh of the conservative Gript News website:

The procedure associated with the new policy, titled ‘Gender Identity in the Workplace Procedure,’ states that “refusing to address a person by their expressed Gender pronoun or a new name” will be considered to constitute discrimination under both the Employment Equality Act 1998 and the Equal Status Act 2000, as will “refusing support on the basis of an individual’s Gender identity or Gender expression.”

[Exclusive: “Anger” and “fear” Amongst Gardai Over New Trans Policy, March 18, 2023]

A reporter asked Garda chief Drew Lewis if “gardai will be punished or disciplined if they misgender another person.”

The answer:

This is about respect, and respect for individuals in the workplace. We are obviously a very important employer, and an employer which sets high standards in terms of how we treat individuals in the workplace. So it is a precursor and an absolute necessity.  Anybody in the workplace is treated with respect and that includes transgender issues.

And if an officer “misgenders?”

There’d be a management response, and that could escalate as far as discipline.

Understandably, normal Gardai fear for their careers:

A source, when asked about the current culture inside the Gardai, and why there was such an apparent fear of speaking out,  told us “there’s already enough animosity with the Commissioner and the Justice Department over Garda rostering, among civil servants over changes to their status in the new policing bill, and the fear of losing a job, or being silently passed over for promotion, because you don’t have the correct politics. We deal with rapes, robbery, violence, victimized children, drugs and every other horrific act under the sun daily. Having to pretend I’m ok with a man in a dress sharing changing rooms with my female colleagues is a bit too far.”

The chief said the new policy isn’t really disciplinary, and that normal Gardai needn’t worry if they use the wrong “pronoun.” In the Garda, “individuals are respected.”


In other news, while the Garda police pronouns, Irish kids are defending their towns from the Great Replacement invasion.

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