Tiny UK Patriot Outfit Maps Immivader Garrisons. Why No US Equivalent?
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For some time, an enterprising U.K. patriotic outfit LittleBoats2020, which seems to exist only on Twitter and Gab without a website, has been posting a remarkable interactive map. This tracks the (rather high end) hotels into which the U.K. Government has been stashing the immivaders it has been treasonously allowing to cross the English Channel in, of course, small boats. 

Click here, or on map to see interactive version

Moving the cursor down the sidebar listing the 465 hotels LittleBoats2020 has confirmed are being used like this causes the pins on the map to adjust. Those familiar with Britain will see that a great many of these are located in remote (by UK standards) rural communities. The Government apparently has declared a policy of trying to ”disperse” the immivaders.

This has the effect of dumping significant garrisons of fighting- age young men (who comprise virtually all the arrivals) in communities where they amount to an intimidating presence. Bored, alienated and sexually frustrated they are certain formula for trouble. LittleBoats2020 and similar outfits collect accounts of the related atrocities from local news sources.

The British MSM are as delinquent as the American in reporting this type of news.  

LittleBoats2020 reports that several predecessors of this map have been cancelled, presumably by the host Google.

The Biden Administration of course has a similar policy of dispersing their new Democratic voters: What’s The Reason For Biden’s Midnight Migrant Airlift?

Why do we never see similar maps of this country? Where are the well-funded Inside-the-Beltway immigration restrictionists?

Strong advice to LittleBoats2020: Resume cross posting on Gab as we do. Something nasty is quite likely to happen to Elon Musk.

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