Tolerance? JEZEBEL Magazine Writer Hopes Stephen Miller Contracts the China Virus and Dies
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It’s a well-known fact, endlessly recited by the corporate media, Stephen Miller read VDARE in the past.

To quote Conrad,  "The horror! The horror!"

Who know, the advisor to President Trump might still be reading VDARE to this day from his position within the White House.

Let us wish him congratulations on his recent wedding and best wishes as he enters life as a husband to his bride, Katie Miller.

However, in the current year, where the Left continues to make clear its intentions of what they hope to happen once they assume positions of power again, we must bring attention to a piece published at Jezebel, where Molly Osberg seems to hope Stephen Miller contracts the China Virus and dies:

Allies of the president are steaming Monday night after an article in the left-leaning Jezebel magazine called for White House adviser Stephen Miller to contract and die from the coronavirus.

Jezebel writer Molly Osberg wrote in a column Friday evening titled "I Will Personally Be Thrilled If Stephen Miller Dies of Covid-19" that she would he [sic] happy if Miller died from the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

"While I am generally loathe to wish physical harm on those I disagree with, and while I do wish Katie a speedy recovery, I’m comfortable shedding whatever objectivity I have here to say I desperately hope Stephen Miller contracts covid-19," Osberg wrote.

"This is the man who has spent his entire life pursuing the idea that America’s diversity is a disease; who laundered white nationalist talking points first through right-wing blogs and then wrote them into the now-President’s campaign speeches," she added.

Trump War Room, a Twitter account run by the Trump campaign, fired back on Monday after the article was covered on a number of blogs, including Mediaite and The Daily Caller, writing that Osberg's stance was "how many members of the media feel about Trump supporters."

Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest son, chimed in, claiming members of the media would say Osberg was being anti-Semitic were she an employee of Fox News making similar comments about "a Jewish Dem staffer," referring to Miller's Jewish ancestry.

"It’s always nice when the Left shows their true colors so we don’t even have to lift a finger to expose them," Trump Jr. Added. [Trump camp outraged over Jezebel article calling for Stephen Miller to get coronavirus, by John Bowden, The Hill, May 12, 2020]

Yes, the Left has shown their true colors with this hateful attack on Miller and the hopes he perishes from the China Virus, but it’s worth pointing two things: Were the Trump Administration to truly have listened to Miller’s warnings about immigration, they would have completely cut-off all immigration in January and stopped all flights into the USA from China immediately, to protect the citizens of the United States from being exposed to the China Virus.

Interestingly, this move would have immediately been condemned as racist and xenophobic by the same people now publishing articles hoping he contracts the disease and dies.

Stephen Miller, if you are reading this now, know this: We are praying for your wife’s quick recovery and for you to tell President Trump to go scorched Earth on immigration and to finally fulfill the election promises propelling him into the White House back in November of 2016.

It’s time for a total immigration moratorium, now.

It’s time to get serious about deporting illegal aliens.

It’s time to get serious about dealing with mayors of sanctuary cities.

We are running out of time, and if President Trump is defeated in November, all the moves you’ve made over the past three and a half years will immediately be erased once the Democrat takes the Oath of Office in January of 2021.

And just as a far-Left writer wrote how much she hoped you die from the China Virus, once the Left assumes total power, they’ll do all they can to accelerate the death of the Historic America Nation.

The time to act is now.


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