Treason Lobby Catholic Bishop: Do Your Duty And Surrender Your Neighborhood … And Safety
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Yet again, a Catholic cardinal has said Americans have a “duty” to accept illegal aliens, no questions asked. And once again, it was that meddlesome priest Timothy Dolan. The residents of Staten Island, who don’t want Traitor Joe Biden’s Great Replacement army of illegals to ruin their neighborhoods, should just shut up and take it.

Staten Islanders protested about illegals housed at a former Catholic school, St. John Villa Academy in Arrochar. Politicians and residents want the illegals contained in the school by 11 p.m. They know what permitting illegals to run thither and yon means: rape, murder, and killing:

The well-fed Dolan is unsympathetic:

Most people say “These people deserve a place to live, just not here.” Well no, we all have to take a deep breath and do our duty. You take St. John Villa, thank you, that used to be a Catholic school. Sadly, it’s closed, but the students that went there a century ago, they were asylum seekers.

[Cardinal Dolan Reproaches Anti-Migrant Protestors at Closed Catholic School Site, by Steven Schwankert, The Good Newsroom, August 28, 2023]

That claim is dubious, but anyway, it’s not a century ago. It’s now. New York is deluged

In case Dolan has forgotten, Catholic teaching, including that of the bishops, is clear, although the bishops frequently contradict their own words.

The Catechism:

Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption.

[The Authorities in Civil Society]

The bishops:

No country is bound to accept all those who wish to resettle there. …

Catholic social teaching is realistic: While people have the right to move, no country has the duty to receive so many immigrants that its social and economic life are jeopardized.

[Catholic Social Teaching on Immigration and the Movement of Peoples,]

This nation’s social and economic life are jeopardized. As is New York’s. Dolan knows that and doesn’t care. Like most Leftists, he won’t likely suffer the consequences of the policies he advocates. He’ll stay fat and happy until he’s entombed in St. Patrick’s.


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