Tucker Carlson On Anglo Cleansing In Montreal—And The Great Replacement
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This is from the website of Canada’s National Post, but it’s a story from Montreal’s English-language paper, the Montreal Gazette:

Controversial American pundit Tucker Carlson said Montreal has been “cleansed” of its English heritage and suggested English Montrealers have accepted moving to Ontario.

Carlson, a former Fox News television host who was fired last year for his racist comments, is on a speaking tour in Canada.

Speaking in Calgary on Wednesday, the thrust of his argument was immigration is changing the nature of the country.

“I’m going to say the most controversial thing,” Carlson said. “I’ve watched when Montreal was cleansed of its anglo legacy. I’m not anti-French, just for the record, not at all. But I am anglo and I have friends in Montreal, and in the span of a generation, that’s all gone, they were forced out.

“They’re all like: ‘OK, I guess we’ll go to Ontario.’ What? My grandfather built this city. I’m not going anywhere? How about that? That never occurred to anyone because no one could say out loud what was actually happening: a series of acts of hostility aimed at you because of things you didn’t choose, like how you were born. Once you keep allowing that, you have no future.”

Carlson added “they are taking away your voting power by changing the population of your country, and no one wants to talk about that.”

’Montreal was cleansed of its anglo legacy,’ Tucker Carlson says as his speaking tour hits Quebec

I’m not anti-French ... but I am anglo and I have friends in Montreal, and in the span of a generation, that’s all gone, they were forced out’

Jason Magder, Montreal Gazette, by January 26, 2024

The author included a clip of Carlson speaking, with comment in French:

Well, this is what has been actually happening in Montreal for the last 50 years, as everybody knows.

We have a lot of stuff about it on the site, but look at the Wikipedia article on English-speaking Quebecers, and this chart:

In 2013, in response to a National Post article by Barbara Kay entitled  Quebec’s Bill 14 is a pathological attack on the sin of speaking English, Steve Sailer wrote:

Look, very few people have gotten killed in Quebec’s language wars over the last 45 years. And it’s not as if Quebec has fallen into ruin because the Québécois have been slowly shoving out the Scots and Jews who used to run Montreal’s businesses. Quebec isn’t Zimbabwe. The Québécois can run their own country.

Sure, it’s annoying to see the winners win by being nasty and the losers lose because they are nice, but such is the way of the world.

So everybody knows that what Carlson is saying is true. And the reaction proves he’s right, not only about Anglo displacement, but about the Great Replacement in Canada and the U.S.

Anyhow, here’s a short selection of Quebec and Canada articles:

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