VDARE.com Has A Christmas List Just Like All The Other Good Boys And Girls!
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Dear Readers,

Every year my extended family pulls names for our “Secret Santa” gift exchange. This year, I got a family member for whom I have much affection, but with whose day to day operations I’m pretty out of touch. Luckily, his name came with a Wish List—it made my life much easier and told me exactly what his needs are this year.  

Similarly, many of our readers wonder what it is VDARE.com needs this Christmas. We are in the middle of our biggest fundraising appeal of the year with a goal to raise $200,000 by the end of the year—but what do we spend it on? Below I’ve outlined some of the expenses that VDARE.com carries in our normal course of business. Are you inspired to offset one of these items?

In this season of giving, I urge you to choose VDARE.com for your charitable donations. Every dollar goes to support our mission—educating the public on the negative effects of mass immigration and national identity. We inform the fight to keep America American. Be our Santa this year!


VDARE Foundation Christmas List

$10: One box of printer paper for mailed tax receipts

$15: Yearly domain registration fee

$25: One tabletop mic stand for our new livestreaming space

$60: Round trip checked back for a speaking engagement

$100: Monthly water bill at the Berkeley Springs Castle

$500: Plane ticket for one presenter to attend a conference at the Castle

$700: Monthly fiber internet connection at VDARE.com’s headquarters conference center

$1,000: One hour meeting with team of lawyers to defend VDARE.com in litigation

$5,000: Yearly office and cell phone expenses

$8,000: Monthly web development and tech support for VDARE.com

$30,000+: Monthly editing, graphic design and social media staffing costs for all VDARE.com content

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