Viktor Orban "Demonized" By Neocon Media For Resisting Muslim Invasion
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As I glanced at the neocons’ latest twists on reality this morning in their flagship tabloid The New York Post, I noticed they were discussing the reelection of Viktor Orban to a fourth term as Hungarian Prime Minister. It seems that Orban and his nationalist party Fidesz and his allies in the Hungarian Christian Democratic Party, have won 133 of the 199 seats in the Hungarian legislature; the right-wing nationalist party, Jobbik, placed second with 26 seats, while the left-wing coalition ran third with a mere 20 seats. Lest we miss the neoconservative take on these happenings, the Post weighed in for the benefit of its readers: “Orban won his fourth term overall on a platform that openly demonized migrants in Hungary.”(Not online—the "openly demonized" language comes from an AP story.)

We might note that Townhall, which is hardly a bastion of Old Right opinion, featured a commentary today by Michael Brown, celebrating Orban’s electoral victory as a hopeful sign in forestalling the further Islamicization of Europe. Brown praises Orban for holding the line against the invasion of Europe by Muslim migrants, demanding asylum in his country.  [Hungary, the Huffington Post, Christianity, and Islam Michael Brown, April 9, 2018] Further, those who are attacking Orban and his government are coming from the PC Left, as represented by the Huffington Post and the Hungarian Left’s major funder, George Soros.  Brown quotes Sándor Németh, pastor of the largest Protestant congregation in Europe, detailing Soros’s aims: “His goal is to overthrow our Prime Minister and the governing party, which is actively protecting Christian culture and churches, our national sovereignty and the values of traditional marriage and family.”

Actually Soros’s allies in Hungary are also predictably our neocon journalists, who demonize those who stand in the way of this leftist billionaire’s project for reconstructing his native Hungary.

One wonders whether our neocon “human rights” purists would favor sending the migrants whom Orban and the vast majority of his countrymen don’t want to admit to live in Israel. Should the Jewish state be required to open their borders to an invasion by itinerant bands of predominantly young Muslim men? If not, why not? I noticed the deafening silence among Orban’s neocon critics  when the Israeli government began deporting this February 60,000 Eritreans and Sudanese who sought asylum in Israel. Shouldn’t the Israelis welcome these black refugees with open arms the way European gentile countries are expected to let in more Muslims? Mind you, I’m not objecting to Israel’s efforts to limit internal divisions (aka diversity) and to avoid the outbreak of criminal violence by keeping Third World asylum-seekers outside their borders. By why can’t Magyar Christian politicians defend a similar policy for their land without being “demonized” in our fake conservative media?

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