Viral Videos Show Why Japan Restricts Immigration And Why It Needs MORE Restrictions
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Japan has an immigration policy that protects the Historic Japanese Nation, but that is not to say it does not have some problems with immigrants. And I’m not talking about the annoying YouTubers like Abroad In Japan, but the borderline criminals and Japan-haters, who are mostly black or black adjacent, i.e., dark-skinned but not Africans.

First is an apparently American who has been identified on YouTube as Johnny Somalia, predictably from the shithole that is Somalia and who gave us the fraudulent refugee Ilhan Omar. Johnny Somalia specializes in live-streaming harassing Japanese people in the subway. He apparently streams on He was briefly famous on Twitter, before had his videos taken down for copyright violations.

Here is the now blocked video on Twitter.

Can't load tweet Sorry, you are not authorized to see this status.

But videos of him are still up on YouTube. Here he is on the same video deleted on Twitter harassing Japanese. One Japanese guy stands up to it, then a visiting American of Korean ancestry confronts him and like most black cowards, he backs down. Blacks only want to fight in groups and always run from a fair fight.

Here he is being confronted by an atypical Japanese. Most Japanese people are non-confrontational, but when you push the samurai, you could get hurt.

Again, Johnny Somalia shows his cowardice. He likes threatening meek Japanese office workers, but when a possible Bōsōzoku recognizes and confronts him, he runs like a coward. Bōsōzoku are a sort of motorcycle subculture of young men, who sometimes serve as a recruiting pool for the Yakuza. Bōsōzoku are not strictly criminals, but are on the edge, or appear to be on the edge. A sort of ronin in the era where there are no samurai nor a need for samurai. Perhaps, though, someone in Japan can organize them to clean Japan out of hate-filled black immigrants in Japan, which range from street scum like Johnny Somalia to grifters in academia.

Not all the troublemakers are black, but all are immigrants of some color, and this video appears to show Indian or Arab illegal aliens confronting a Japanese street cleaner and threatening violence.

The real question is where are the Japanese police? These scumbags harassing and threatening the law-abiding Japanese public should immediately be arrested and deported. They obviously are not working. No one would hire Johnny Somalia to teach English or do other work. The other group of layabouts clearly must be there on some refugee scam and are not working hard like most illegals that live in Japan.

Perhaps a reader in Japan knows how to report these criminals to the police or immigration. Or maybe the Yakuza can stand up and do something.

Sonno Joi! Expel the Barbarians!

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