WASHINGTON POST Attacks Exonerated But Punished Border Patrol Agents, Turns Highland Park July 4 Shooting Into Immigration Sob Story
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See, earlier: Biden Administration‘s Del Rio “Whipping“ Accusations Are Debunked, So It Punishes Border Patrol Agents Anyway

In response to Steve Sailer‘s article on how the New York Times reported the Border Patrol‘s horse patrol being exonerated of criminal charges but still found to have “used unnecessary force,“ I noted that the Washington Post has a similar article titled “Report:  Agents didn‘t hit migrants with reins“ and the subhead “But Border Patrol used ‘unnecessary‘ force on Haitians, a review found“ in the print edition. 

What‘s interesting about the propaganda put out by the Post is that there are no other articles on immigration in its section A.  

The closest thing the Post has to another article on immigration is a front page article titled “Just days into the job, priest paves road to healing in Highland Park.“  It‘s about a priest named Reverend Hernan Cuevas, an immigrant from Mexico just four days on his new job who ministers to a church who greeted his arrival with a banner that read “Bienvenidos Padre Hernan Cuevas“  and a photo of such people as Carmelo Delos Santos, who did not attend the paradem and a photo of the new priest baptizing the baby of a woman named Diana Sanchez.  

I would take a bet that the majority of congregants were not in attendance at the 4th of July Parade when the shooting happened.  They would be more likely to attend a Cinco De Mayo festival.  

The open borders propaganda is obvious to those on the right; print sympathetic first person accounts of individual immigrants while vilifying Border Patrol Agents who try to stop the Camp of The Saints style invasion.  

There has been a lot going on in the immigration front; battles over Title 42, Governor Abbott sending illegal aliens back to the border, close to a half million known gottaways getting past the Border Patrol into the country, fentanyl being discovered in record amounts etc....  Yet, the only two stories in the Washington Post concern Border Patrol Agents who didn‘t quite get completely exonerated largely because that would have embarrassed Biden along with all the other Democrats who were quick to condemn the Agents, and, a story which could have been titled “4th of July shooting in Highland Park!  New immigrants hardest hit!“  I‘m pretty sure the regular patriotic Americans who were dropped by an Antifa member were hardest hit.  

As for the Agents involved, in the wake of the “whipping“ incident, they were put on administrative duty.  That means they were put to work processing and releasing illegal aliens.  The lowest of jobs in the Border Patrol, the diaper duty.  In essence, they were already punished once.  Then, they had to wait months to find out what their punishment would be.  Torturers know that the anxiety over the future torture can be worse than the torture itself.  So, these Agents had to wait to find out what their future punishment would be while being punished both by having to be on diaper duty and by the anxiety of not knowing what their punishment will be.  In fact, they still don‘t know what their exact punishment will be.  

Apparently, one of the Agents did yell “Hey, this is why your country is shit!  You use your women for this!“  Heaven forefend!  Such vile language!  Will the poor Haitians (who probably didn‘t even understand English) ever recover from such foul language?  

The article goes on to say “CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus told reporters that the statements of Biden and Harris did not prejudice the outcome of the investigation.“  What a load of horse manure.  Of course Biden and Harris weighing in had an effect on the investigation.  In fact, there might not have even been an investigation without it.  

The Post goes on to say the flow of Haitians died down once some of the Haitians were flown back due to Title 42.  The Post makes it sound like the Biden Administration was intentionally cracking down.  It doesn‘t mention that the Biden administration is trying to get rid of Title 42.  Lies and more lies.  

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