Who Runs ICE In Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal Or Donald Trump?
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In a series of decisions on immigration enforcement in Connecticut the Trump Administration, or U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement And Removal Operations (ERO) officials who continue to drink the Obama Regime Kool-Aid, have submitted to the demands of U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal to release illegal aliens set for imminent deportation.  Beneficiaries of Blumenthal's control of ICE in Connecticut includes many aliens ordered deported and one who openly defied an agreement she made to leave voluntarily and another who fled arrest to remain openly and defiantly in a church; Denada Rondos, Miriam Martinez-Lemus, and Marco Reyes Alvarez.

This correspondent dealt earlier with Rondos, a failed asylum applicant who was allowed to remain under the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, was set for deportation, and actually prepared to leave, but was granted a stay by ICE without any order from a court and apparently at the behest of Blumenthal.

"This temporary relief is very gratifying," U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal said. "But, it's only one step and we're going to continue the fight for this family so they can remain together in this country where they have a business and they've contributed to their community."

[Cheshire Mother Of 3 Set To Be Deported Granted A Stay In US, by David McKay, WFSB, November 13, 2017]

Next Blumenthal stopped the deportation of a defiant illegal alien who initially agreed to return home on her own, then decided she would defy the law while claiming she was obeying the law.
“Miriam Martinez-Lemus is citizen of Guatemala,” said Shawn Neudauer, a spokesman for ICE and the Department of Homeland Security. “A federal immigration judge granted her voluntary departure in 2002, but she failed to leave the U.S. as instructed and that order automatically changed to a final order of removal.

“In a measure of discretion, ICE did not place her in custody, but entered her into an Alternatives to Detention program, and she has been checking in periodically at an ICE office. She was asked to provide proof she intends to leave the U.S., in compliance with the court’s order, which she has done. Should she fail to depart as instructed, she will be listed as an immigration fugitive and arrested when encountered, and then ICE will carry out her removal order...”

“Miriam is going to do what she has done as she came — she is going to be lawful and abide by all conditions [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] places on her,” Formica, said. “We are saying to ICE, you know where she is. You want her, come and take her from her child.”

['I Am Not Hiding' Stamford Mother Says After Stay Of Deportation Denied, by Sandra Gomez-Aceves, Hartford Courant, November 20, 2017]

And Blumenthal was deeply involved, again.
U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal said the courts, combined with activism, advocacy and public attention, “were instrumental” in the decision to allow Marinez-Lemus to remain with her family...

“It wasn’t just that these individuals had the law on their side but that they had visibility and public support that prevented ICE from forcing them to go quietly and they had the strength and courage to stand up and speak out and not go quietly and invisibly, as tragically as others might do,” Blumenthal said.

[Stamford Mother Facing Deportation Granted Emergency Stay, by Sandra Gomez-Aceves, Hartford Courant, November 22, 2017]

And Blumenthal's destructive path through the deportation system continued, another defiant illegal alien gained a stay of deportation despite hiding out in a  church  for  15 weeks.
One hundred and five days after he defied a deportation order and took sanctuary in a New Haven church, Marco Reyes Alvarez, an Ecuadorian national who entered the country illegally in 1997, was granted a temporary reprieve that allowed the Meriden father to leave First and Summerfield Church without fear of arrest...

Reyes Alvarez appeared outside the Federal Building in Hartford Wednesday afternoon with his family, O’Neil-Baker and U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who has advocated for Reyes Alvarez over the past three months.

“I’m pleased and proud to be here with this wonderful family, and that is what is so American about Thanksgiving,” he said. “It celebrates family and fairness and faith, and nothing could epitomize it more than this picture.”

The senator said he’s “very confident ICE and the Department of Homeland Security will abide by their commitment not to arrest Marco,” using the acronym for Immigration and Customs Enforcement...

An ICE spokesman said the agency was deferring to the appellate court as it reviewed Reyes Alvarez’s case, and had temporarily stayed his removal.

[Meriden Man Who Sought Sanctuary In New Haven Can Return Home, Won't Be Deported, by Mikaela Porter, Hartford Courant, November 22, 2017]

How can it be that President Trump has ceded control of immigration law enforcement to Senator Blumenthal and on behalf of the most defiant and arrogant illegal aliens?  Time for President Trump to instruct James Homan to enforce the laws.
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