ANN COULTER: They're Replacing YOU, Black America! | VDARE Video Bulletin
May 26, 2022, 05:03 PM
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Ann Coulter writes:

Liberals are screwing over African Americans again, sublimely confident that whatever they do, Democrats will never get less than 90% of the black vote.

When 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron drove 200 miles to gun down as many Black people as he could, the media decided to make it an anti-immigrant thing, based on the shooter’s belief in the “great replacement” theory.

However, as Coulter notes, Gendron drove 3 ½ hours from Conklin, New York, to get to a city with remarkably few immigrants. Buffalo is only 10% foreign born, but 35% Black.

Several nearby towns such as Middletown, Utica, and Schenectady in New York boast far higher foreign born percentages.

So why are the media insisting that the killer hated immigrants, when it kinda looks like he mainly hated blacks?

For one thing, midterm elections are coming, and voters are poised to have a say on the fabulous things Biden’s done to our border.

Moreover, Hispanics have begun to show a slight—very slight—willingness to vote for Republicans, coinciding with the Democratic Party’s enthusiastic embrace of Black Lives Matter

Finally, of course, there’s the fact that Democrats know there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, that will stop black people from voting for them.

Ann Coulter writes:

Now they’re just showing off. Yeah, Buffalo was a racist shooting—but watch this: We’re going to make it about immigrants, and we’ll STILL get the black vote!

For decades now, black professors, the U.S. Civil Rights Commission and ordinary African Americans have been pointing out how immigration hurts black americans. Democrats don’t care.

Read “They’re Replacing YOU, Black America! By Ann Coulter here.

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