Another White Cop Lynching Underway | VDARE Video Bulletin
May 25, 2022, 07:03 PM
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Two years after the fentanyl overdose that swept a nation, a Grand Rapids officer faces a political lynching for the crime of policing while White.

Meet Officer Christopher Schurr. The 31-year-old policeman’s trouble began on April 4th when he conducted a traffic stop on 26-year-old career criminal and Congolese Refugee Patrick Lyoya.

Schurr stopped Lyoya for driving with mismatched license plates—a common sign that a vehicle may be stolen.

What Schurr did not know was that Lyoya was driving with a revoked license and had a warrant for a brutal domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend which took place just three days prior.

Lyoya is seen resisting arrest as soon as the stop begins.

Officer Schurr then attempts to detain Lyoya, pulling out his taser. That’s when Lyoya says:

Later, Lyoya can be seen with his hand on Officer Schurr’s taser.

Unable to convince Lyoya to drop it, Officer Schurr deploys his pistol and fires one shot into the back of Lyoya’s head, killing him

Lyoya’s criminal record is extensive despite landing in the United States just 8 years ago.

And despite all of these details being public knowledge, Officer Schurr is being painted as just another White Devil.

A usual suspect, the race-hustling Black lawyer Benjamin Crump, wants the cop fired and prosecuted, and is now representing Lyoya’s “refugee” parents.

Crump claims Lyoya was unarmed, despite reaching for the taser, and never used violence, despite threatening to use that taser against the officer.

New Republic Editor-in-Chief Michael Tomasky referred to the shooting as an “execution” and Officer Schurr as a “depraved mind.”

Meanwhile legal analyst Charlie Langton suggested that Officer Schurr should have just let Lyoya go.

Nicholas Stix writes for

Every white cop who does his job faces the grim reality that he might become another Derek Chauvin. We can only hope and pray that doesn’t happen to Christopher Schurr.

Read more about the lynching of Officer Schurr by Nicholas Stix here.

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