Immigrant Displacement of American Workers at ALL TIME HIGH | VDARE Video Bulletin
May 14, 2022, 10:31 AM
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Here’s what the Regime Media won’t tell you about the latest jobs report numbers:

  • Immigrants gained the bulk of the new jobs
  • American Employment actually fell
  • And Immigrant displacement of American workers is at an all-time high, resuming its relentless upward march that dates back to Obama’s inauguration.

The widely-cited Payroll Survey suggests that the economy added back 428,000 jobs in April, as the unemployment rate stayed at 3.6%, just above the Pre-Covid level of 3.5%.

However, the Household Employment Survey shows a far bleaker picture. According to this metric, which includes illegals working off-the-books, total employment shrank by 353,000.

In April:

  • Immigrants gained 274,000 jobs, a 1% increase from March.
  • Native Born Americans lost 627,000 positions, a .5% decrease from March.

Thus, the New VDARE American Worker Displacement Index, our name for the ratio of the immigrant to native-born employment growth indexes since January 2009, rose to 122.9 in April from 120.8 in March, a gain of 1.8%

A year-over-year chart showing the change in foreign-born work force population from the same month the prior year shows us that the immigrant working population expanded by nearly 2 million over the past 12 months. This was the largest gain, year-over-year, since February 2015.

Another displacement metric—the immigrant share of total employment—also rose substantially last month. Our analysis indicates that 18.031% of jobs were held by immigrants in April. The only month to exceed that level in the past 16 years was April 2018, when the immigrant share spiked to 18.083%.

Peter Brimelow writes for

“The immigrant workforce population has been building throughout the Biden Regime. Now, finally, that seems to be showing up in the displacement data.”

Read more analysis of the April jobs numbers by Peter Brimelow here.

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